Andrew Bates

Andy started to learn to play brass instruments from 12 years old. He was originally taught by Reverend Steven Endsor at Bedworth Parish Church Band and by the esteemed Albert Chappell who was head of music at Ash Green High School, and conducted the highly successful City of Coventry Brass Band. Andy played for Coventry […]

Nick Lear

Nick took up cornet at the age of 6 on the advice of his doctor to help manage his asthma.  He played for Torbay in both the youth and senior bands, followed by a few years at Totnes. He then moved to university and played with The City of Birmingham Brass Band, leaving Birmingham for Swindon […]

Claire Cooke

Claire always wanted to play the Saxophone like Lisa Simpson so at aged 9 was sent to her local band in Wiltshire, to learn. Being a brass band she was handed a cornet.  After a bet with her dad to keep it up for at least a year she won her saxophone but continued playing […]